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Pioneer of closed-loop educational growth system

EWEF QiFu International

EWEF Qifu International

EWEF Qi Fu International is an organization that focuses on studying abroad, study tours, training and personalized customized growth companion systems. It is also a closed-loop education output organization that integrates "Enlightenment" and "Fu". With the background of high-quality international high schools such as Britain, the United States and Canada, it focuses on providing high-end study abroad, planning and elite school application services for families studying abroad. With the support of a strong education team from the Global Youth Future Possibility Development Center in overseas Ivy League schools, we can tap the shining points and talents of children, stimulate their internal drive, and make educational growth systematic, atmospheric, and systematic through professional international education. Program, to provide students with better quality and refined services, and to cultivate trans-international talents with the characteristics of famous schools!

Popular countries for studying abroad

Create a personalized study abroad application plan

  • U.S.

    What is the prospect of studying business in the United States?

  • U.K.

    Is it difficult to enroll in G5 universities in the UK?

  • Canada

    What is the employment trend of studying abroad in Canada?

  • Australia

    Is it good to study matriculation in Australia?

  • New Zealand

    What are the popular majors for studying in New Zealand?

  • Eurasia

    What are the advantages of studying abroad in Eurasian countries?

Domestic/International Winter and Summer Camps

Pioneer of closed-loop educational growth system

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  • Founder of EWEF

  • Head of EWE California

    王鹏 Peter

  • Virginia Tech

    PhD in English Education 谢锁良

  • University of Pennsylvania

    Doctor of Education Kari

  • Professor at the Vienna Academy of Music


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  • 品牌视觉形象

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Service Process

One-stop study abroad service I wish you a successful study abroad

  • Pre-consultation

    • Understand the needs of students, introduce the content and concept of overseas study services, and initially grasp the students' learning situation and application information

  • Program Customization

      • Evaluate students' academic background and English performance, formulate study abroad programs, guide academic selection of schools and majors
  • Background Boost

    • Based on the students' current professional experience, dig out the highlights of the application, analyze and plan feasible solutions, as well as internships and scientific research projects to improve the students' professional background, etc.
  • Application Materials Guidance

    • Guide students to prepare application materials according to the application major and school selection plan Provide material guidance according to the colleges and applicants they apply for
  • Professional Choice

    • Understand students' willingness to choose professional colleges and self-positioning Introduce college rankings, enrollment fees, admissions, etc. to students
  • College Application

    • After obtaining the admission result, the student chooses a suitable institution with the assistance of the consultant teacher and confirms with the institution to pay the deposit according to the school's requirements, and applies for a language course according to the student's English score
  • Visa Guidance

      • Provide a list of visa materials and guide students and parents to prepare visa materials Guide students to collect visa materials, formulate visa plans, and complete the final review
  • Follow-up Service

    • Enjoy pre-departure guidance for studying abroad, handle dormitory application and guide students to book air tickets and other pre-departure matters


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